CO2 Incubators

The SHEL LAB CO2 Incubator family incorporates more available options than ever before. New 5 Year Limited Warranty (see full details) now available ON SELECT MODELS of SHEL LAB CO2 incubators. Contamination Control- A HEPA filtration system, the use of copper for key components, and effective cleaning of the inner chamber have proven to be effective in the challenge to eliminate contamination. Only the SHEL LAB Select Series and Personal Series of CO2 Incubators feature our patented Copper Coated HEPA Filtration System. CO2 Incubator Designs- SHEL LAB CO2 Incubators combine contamination control, decontamination, and precise temperature and CO2 control for years of constant performance. All SHEL LAB CO2 Incubators come with IR Sensors.
Unparalleled Precision Precise control of temperature and CO2 provides an exceptionally stable environment. When validation is a must, the programmable outputs of the data logger will transmit display data via RS232 or direct to a printer or remote alarm system. It is easy to maintain precise time/date stamped records of all incubator functions as often as necessary, from one minute to 99 minutes. To ensure optimal conditions, we use stainless steel chambers and shelves, removable door gaskets with guards to prevent damage when inserting shelves, our Quick Clean Shelf System, and easily removable top plenum and blower system.

Water Jacket
Air Jacket
Large Air Jacket

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