Anaerobic Chambers

SHEL LAB Bactron Anaerobic Workstations (Glove Boxes) have made a name for themselves over the last fifteen years. The “cost-per-plate” for anaerobic jars is estimated to be more than ten times the “cost-per-plate” for anaerobe chambers. It is true that the anaerobe chamber certainly involves a significantly high year-one investment cost in the chamber purchase price. However, the ongoing cost for anaerobe jar system disposables and replacement items (new jars, gas packs, indicator strips) begins to equal the investment in the chamber purchase and chamber gas costs in two to three years. By year three to five, the cost to use anaerobe jars exceeds that of the chamber disposables and the original purchase price. Unlike other chambers in the market, Shellab anaerobic chambers are made from stainless steel while still being priced very competitively.

Basic Chambers
Bactron Chambers
Bactrox Chambers

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