Petaka Starter Kit - L.O.T. (Low Oxygen Turnover) (Cat # Pet-3)


Petaka Starter Kit is the best way to get familiar with the technology. It contains 50 petakas (with no magnetic scrapers), 120 loading tips (18.5 guage needles) and one bubble wrap mailer.

This Starter kit contains "L.O.T." Petaka plates that stand for "Low Oxygen Turnover".

The percentage of oxygen in atmosphere (21%) is not natural for most cells. Therefore, most cells lines grown in standard tissue culture flasks are constantly exposed to much higher amounts of oxygen than in their native tissue environments.
(Please see the power point slide show in Tissue Culture product category description.

L.O.T. (Low Oxygen Turnover) petakas' design reduces the amount of oxygen delivered to the cells. For example ,liver and breast tissue environments contain three times less oxygen than what is available when grown in tissue culture flasks. Cancer cells such as HeLa and MCF-7 would requre even less oxygen than the healthy tissue as they normally thrive in hypoxic environments. In spite of that, they are stydied in hyper-oxygenation environemnts.

Until now, the only way to change this was working in anaerobic chambers.
Petaka technology allows researchers not only to work more confortably in the hood, but also to recreate the exact tissue environments without an anaerobic chamber or a tri-gas incubator.

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